Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love doing crosstitch.....and i admire all the cute designs...

This XS i made for my niece, QISTINA BATRISYA...i thought i can give on 25th Dec 2009 but it was completed only on Jan 2010.

I wanted to frame it nicely but im the forgetful person, everytime we went to town, i will forget to bring along this XS. Finally, i decided to give to my sister without framing the XS... my cost.... ;)

FYI, this design i took from internet, and i create it on my own. If u asked for this so soorrry...i can give this picture and u hv to count like what i did before. Supposedly, i should properly design it and keep a chart for this but at that time, i have to finish it as soon as possible...

Anyway, this is my 2nd project after a loooonnggg time... What is my 1st project? U have to wait, ok... ;)

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